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Climate science. Climatology.


At GrupAirmed we can help in your projects to collect the information you want to record, analyze in a personalized way, adjusted to your needs. Within the surveillance, the observation and prevention of the climate, Grupairmed has means and flight techniques for analysis and research on the climate.

We can combine several sensors according to the desired exploration, for example photographic sensors with atmospheric systems. In this way, not only the smoke, toxic clouds or other gases are visualized, the different components are also measured, controlling the quality of the air, monitoring of toxic clouds, gas discharges and their different components in each area.




These works have the potential to become a key tool in geothermal science, including geology, geochemical and geophysical studies, environmental reference and monitoring studies, geotechnical studies, civil works and energy efficiency. Contact us for more information, we develop and certify airborne systems in a personalized way for each job and according to the desired objectives, do not settle for closed products on the market if you can have the tool with all the necessary information for your project.