Grup Air-Med S.A. is an aviation company that has been developed in the aeronautical market and is driven by our main objective, which is to provide the European aeronautical sector a platform of logistic support that satisfies the requirements of all the companies that need our services.

We rely on a great organizational level and within our company and our team comprise highly qualified and experienced personnel which allows us to assume any challenge.

Our objectives in the past have been materialized with great success and now, Grup Air-Med S.A. is one of the leading companies in air services. We offer our services to companies inside and outside of the borders of diverse sectors such as aeronautical, logistic, civil, multinational engineering and governmental institutions.

The company is specialized in "Aerial Patrol" (air reconnaissance) and "Aerial Survey" (data capture airborne sensors).

We offer professional and comprehensive solutions to successfully resolve any problems you have. We have a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each client.We provide a comprehensive approach that includes the whole process of aerial work meeting the European quality standards.


“ Our Mission is the collection of airborne sensor data and collaboration in scientific project l+D+i and to satisfy the demands of our customers and also to society by a responsible business that is committed to the environment.”


“ Our Vision is to strengthen and to build an international benchmark in the field of Aerial Survey, adapting to any changing market needs and to contribute to the technological advancement of society.”


Commitment: To meet any challenge and to deliver the expected results
Responsibility: Beyond the strict compliance of lows and other obligations
Efficiency: The maximum profitability of the results is because we always try to improve our attitude
Transparency: Provide all information required by our customers and society
Security: For us safety means the basis for all business aviation field: eliminating the danger, protection to the persons and the environment